Day 10


It was time to do a little clean up on the bow and stern where multiple panels come together.  It would be difficult for these to join perfectly given all of the twisting forces placed on the individual panels, but it's a pretty simple process to remove the excess overhang with the right tool.  For this task I used a Shinto rasp which is a double sided Japanese saw, one side having fine teeth and the other coarse teeth.  The Shinto rasp cuts on the pull, and the wide spaces between the blades prevent it from ever clogging so it can chew through wood very quickly. 

Here's my Shinto rasp:

Here is the bow before:

Here is after:

Here is the stern before (this is older, I forgot to take a picture after the wires were removed, but you get the idea):

Here is after:

My hidden footbrace mounting kit should arrive soon, so I can move forward with joining the hull and deck as soon as that is installed.