Day 4


Since I cannot work on the deck due to the missing stitch holes, I decided to try to work on the bow and stern.  I just wasn't fully satisfied with the way the bottom and side panels were coming together.  

After breaking several copper stitches in an attempt to pull those panels tighter, I resolved to go the plastic zip tie route as seen on a few other builds.  The holes were drilled with a 3/16" bit, but once installed the zip ties can be tightened down as much as I wanted to tighten them without breaking.  I installed two on each side of the bow.  With the additional help from the clamp I am happy with this end of the boat now.  

At the stern, I initially tried adding three zip ties but I continued to have the same problem, the side panel wanted to lap over the edge of the bottom panel.  This would probably be OK because I could sand off the edge, but why create more work for myself later?  So next I tried removing all the zip ties I had added and using just a single one further away from the transom.  This along with a clamp lined everything up.  Not sure if it will hold this shape after just tack welding, but surely once it is filleted and glassed it will hold just fine.  

The empty holes will be filled in later with epoxy and wood flour, and all of the hull stitch holes will eventually be covered in epoxy and graphite so it should not be noticeable at all in the finished boat.

Total time on this phase: 0.5 hrs. 
Total time on construction: 9.0 hours