Day 8


To complete the hatch I need to install the hatch rim.  The hatch rim acts as a lip so that any water that may get under the hatch cover doesn't freely run into the compartment below.  The hatch cover will also have a foam gasket around it that will help keep the water out.

With the clamps off you can see that I have a nice large hole in the deck of my boat.  The dark spots, which are excess epoxy, will blend in once the rest of the boat is covered with more layers of epoxy.
This is the hatch rim.

To attach the hatch rim I mixed up a very small batch of epoxy and silica powder (one pump each of resin and hardener and about 1-1/2 teaspoons of silica powder).  This is then applied to both of the mating surfaces.

Not wanting to have to clean up a bristle brush just for this small operation I initially tried dripping the epoxy on using my stir stick.

In the end I found it easier just to dip my finger in the epoxy and spread it on that way.

Once everything was slathered up I clamped the rim in place and scraped off any excess to avoid having to sand it later.  This needs to cure overnight. 

Here is the completed assembly.

Here it is with the hatch installed.

The next step will to fillet, epoxy, and fiberglass all the interior seams.

Total time on this phase: 0.5 hrs. 
Total time on construction: 18.5 hours