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Ordering Parts

So you may be asking yourself, what did I have to purchase in order to build my Kayak? Well, after copious hours of reading both in print and online, I came up with a list of items I believed would be needed to turn a pile of plywood into a beautiful wooden kayak. Here is a list of what I initially purchased From CLC:
  • 1 Wood Duck 12 complete kit with Sapele Deck
  • 1 Creature Comfort Seat (upgrade to the basic kit seat)
  • 1 Rubstrip kit (to protect the bow from rocks, shells, stumps. etc)
  • 48 220, 120, and 80 grit 5" sanding discs (95% of boat building is sanding)
  • 20 1 Quart epoxy mixing cups
  • 12oz Graphite Powder (for the hull coating)
  • 1 Quart MAS Phenolic Micro Balloons (for fairing the hull)
  • 4 plastic epoxy spreaders
  • 12 fillet tools (pronounced fill-it)
  • 6 disposable 2" bristle brushes
  • 4 disposable 3" foam brushes
  • 1 Quart Interlux Schooner Varnish (deck and cockpit UV protection)
  • 1 roll Fine Line tape (for taping off the hull when painting black)
  • 3 epoxy syringes (for tack welding)
  • 2 large foam roller covers (for spreading epoxy)
I tried to order as much as possible from CLC because their items are specifically recommended for boat building, but there were some items where Amazon was significantly less expensive so I went that route to save money. I have no doubt that I have missed several items and will be re-ordering others that I just didn't get enough of (I'm looking at you brushes and rollers). With an Amazon Prime account I get free 2 day shipping on just about everything so I suspect I will be ordering additional items from Amazon since CLC's shipping costs can be a little pricey unless you are placing a large order.

I have a fair amount of good woodworking tools but I felt like I should probably upgrade some of the items in my toolbox as well as add some specialty tools so I also purchased a couple of new planes, a couple precision hand saws, a sanding board, 24 2" spring clamps, and maybe most importantly a 3M Dual Cartridge Respirator.