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In addition to the aforementioned book The New Kayak Shop by Chris Kulczycki, in the modern age of boat building there is a wealth of information available online to help novices such as myself along.  I thought it might be helpful to share some of these, as well as give some well deserved credit to the work of those I found to be most helpful.

The Chesapeake Light Craft site provides a wealth of good information on numerous types of kayaks and construction techniques as well as guidance on selecting the right craft for yourself.  Each kayak style has it's own individual characteristics such as speed, stability, payload, cockpit room, and ease of construction.  The CLC web site rates each boat in these categories and provides a helpful chart to aid in selecting the right boat for your individual needs.  CLC also offers a number of helpful articles on building, finishing, and fitting out your boat.  There is also a 14 part series series of videos available on YouTube where John Harris of CLC goes step by step through the construction of a Chesapeake 16.  Readers will also find the Builder's Forum on the CLC site to contain a wealth of useful information on every topic you can think of as well as the opportunity to post your own questions.  The user community is really active and the information sharing among builders, CLC employees and even the boat designers themselves in the forum is something I am sure will be helpful for my own build.

In addition to the CLC site, there are thousands of kayak builders who documented their own kayak building experiences online.  These are a great way to learn the tricks of the trade as well as view some alternative ways of completing your project.  Here are just a few of the great sites I found:

László I. Mórocz's Building a Wood Duck (Wood Duck 12)
Rod's Kayak Adventure (Wood Duck 12)
Twofootartists's Shearwater Construction Notes (Shearwater 17)
Kayakbuilder's Building Adventure (Chesapeake 17 LT)
Wood_Ogre's Koa Kaholo 14 Kook Box (Kaholo 14)
Lou's Kayak Works Wood Duck Kayak (Wood Duck 12 Hybrid)
Chris' Wood Duck Kayak Build (Wood Duck 10) 

Reading these builder logs and seeing their photos definitely helped me in getting a firmer grasp on the how and the what of stitch and glue boat construction and it gave me the confidence to finally take on this project. I hope that anyone who comes upon this site will also find it useful if for no other reason than to learn from and avoid my mistakes (which I am sure there will be plenty).