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So the Kayak showed up today, a full three days early no less.  The carrier called to arrange for an appointment and the guy showed up on time so no complaints there at all.

I got the garage cleaned up this weekend, but I still needed to upgrade the lighting to make it a really workable space, something I have needed to do since I bought the house.  Since CLC makes it a point to mention how important good lighting is in the building manual, I figured it was high time.  On my way home from work I stopped by the local home improvement store and picked up two 48" fluorescent shop lights.  Before now the garage only had a single incandescent bulb, now with 4 fluorescent bulbs burning I should have no trouble at all seeing what I am doing.

Instant kayak, just add curves

Removing the parts from the box turned out to be quite an exercise.  Every part is taped to another one then those are taped to other parts then that bundle is taped into the box.  It was certainly secure and I had no damage to any of the contents.  The biggest challenge was removing the clear packing tape from the wooden parts without removing the wood grain.  Slowly peeling the tape away seemed to work best, but even then there were a few marks, however I believe these can easily be sanded out.

Per the recommendation in the manual I laid out some 4mil poly and taped it down to protect the garage floor.  I like the idea of having the poly there for the duration of the project to keep epoxy off the floor, I'm just not sure how well it will work since it make the floor more slippery than I would like, plus I think it will be difficult to vacuum that area with the shop vac and not suck up the poly.  I'll  have to wait and see on that.  I also covered my large table saw with poly and will be using it as my epoxy mixing table.

It was surprising how delicate some the parts were.  I thought I had broken one of the "horns" off of the aft deck piece where it tapers down to a very fine point, but it turned out to be OK, just a small chip which would probably come off anyway when that piece is beveled.  I will have to be very careful when moving things around until the boat starts to take shape.  

I am really excited now and can't wait to get started.  Hopefully I can get the puzzle joints epoxied tonight.